Lucy, based in the DMV, embarked on her journey as a Makeup Artist/Hairstylist in 2014. While she initially gained recognition as a jack of all trades, makeup and hairstyling were hobbies she nurtured alongside her role as a weather presenter at AYV. Eager to make a significant impact on the beauty industry, Lucy took a leap of faith in 2018. She launched her business, spearheading beauty workshops, retailing makeup products, and refining her skills on numerous clients.

Her captivating transformations were instrumental in solidifying her reputation, leading her to introduce her own Wig Line. She's renowned for her expertly realistic lace installs and her signature Classic makeovers.

Lucy's unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism positioned her at the forefront of the industry, earning her the title of Best Makeup Artist in Sierra Leone in 2020.

With a heart for community empowerment, Lucy leverages her vast knowledge and experience to uplift and inspire. She aspires for her career to serve as a positive beacon for the nation.